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Maharaja's Jewels By Katherine Prior

Famed since Antiquity as a supreme source of diamonds, rubies and sapphires, India afforded untold symbols of power and prestige to her many kings. These stones were avidly sought by the crowned heads of Europe, but even the eagerness of the British Empire failed to devour all of India's treasures.

The Jewellery Book - Jewellery Designs from Across The Globe

The Jewellery Book - is a compilation of the finest jewellery designs from across the globe, detailed in a 150-pages. This coffee table book launched by Crystal Arts Publication. It gives a sneak peak into the vaults of the world's forty-two most renowned jewellery brands and talks about master jewellery creations that have become paragons of the jewellery world. 

Indian Folk Jewellery: Design and Techniques

A Book on Indian Folk Jewellery Design and Techniques Design and Techniques by Waltraud Ganguly.If you are new in jewellery design feild or want to update your jewelry Techniques skill set, then this book is for you. This book is a compilation of the finest indian jewellery designs